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Wellness Counselling

Dr. Chabot has trained extensively in lifestyle, exercise, and wellness counselling through Chiropractic College wellness training, he was certified as a Kinesiologist and certified fitness consultant as well as CLA wellness training..


Our in office tests are based on those suggested by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. After screening for safety, blood pressure and heart rate the tests can involve the following depending on patient comfort:

  • Body composition- this can involve skin fold calipers or electrial impedance. This can also be combined with BMI, waist circumference, and weight measurement.
  • Submaximal aerobic fitness testing
  • Strength, flexibility and endurance  testing for the lower back, upper body and lower body.

This combination of tests give us a snapshot of your current health and allow us to tailor a custom plan of action to improve your health and wellness.


Wellness  is, as defined by the World Health Organization, "the optimal state of health of individuals and groups”, "...the fullest potential of an individual physically, psychologically, socially...". To truly be healthy and well, you cannot just be free of disease, but wellness involves actively pursuing your optimal state of health. Wellness is also not static. Once you have attained health it needs to be maintained. If your not gaining wellness then your loosing it. It is an active process effected by every decision you make. The idea is to choose thing that will move you towards wellness and away from sickness and disease. So, will you choose the doughnut or the apple?

It is widely believed that 58-91% of the most common chronic diseases (Booth et al, 2006) occur due to improper lifestyle choices. So how do we know how our health decisions are impacting our health? Blood tests, blood pressure testing or blood sugar testing, for example, only tell us when a disease process has already started; the damage has already begun. With a proper health related fitness test, we can compare your current physical fitness to Canadian norms to give you an estimate of where you stand and how you can improve to prevent disease from beginning. These tests can be very gentle for vulnerable populations, or more involved for people interested high performance. Please refer to the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology for more information . This can give us a snap shot of your overall health, and better direct your attention to areas you may need to improve on to prevent a disease process before they starts. The diagram above illustrates this well.

Blood tests and high blood pressure readings are 'signs' that a disease process has already begun. On the large figure above, this is to the left of the neutral point, and are a sign of failing health. A well known physician, Dr. John Travis, popularized this concept of the continuum above. Our goal is find you with health and fitness testing to the right of the neutral point; before a disease begins, and direct your attention to areas to improve on to prevent disease from beginning and promote high level wellness.


Our Strategies

Diversified, low force mobilization, Activator/Instrument assisted, Muligan mobilization, Thompson Terminal point, Gonstead, Webster technique, drop piece adjusting, functional movement testing/training.


K-LASER Therapy

We offer K-Laser, the most powerful healing laser in all of Northern Ontario

It gently warms, increases blood flow and provides more cellular energy for healing.
This complements our other therapies and speeds up recovery It uses very safe and powerful laser technology


Ongoing training in Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine at McMaster University under Dr.K. Trihn, M.D.


Rehabilitation Exercises

For any sport, work or rehabilitation setting. Don't let an injury side line you!


Myofacial Therapies

Hands on techniques like Myofascial Release Therapy, Graston and instrument assisted myofascial release