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Prevent seasonal injuries...and treat them promptly!


Summertime Soreness...Why?

Everyone is in such a hurry to get out to camp, get the gardening and yard work done, and begin summer sports. This sudden change in activity level leads to new injuries and brings many people to seek Chiropractic care.

You may find yourself asking “ouch, why does that hurt now?”

Research tells us that unprepared or overworked body parts become injured under increased stress. For you, this means that if you spend a full day bent over pulling weeds or shovelling day after day, this will eventually lead to an overuse injury. Bending over to weed for hours on end or practicing your golf swing without a break, stresses tissues that aren’t used to being used in that way. This can lead to inflammation that causes pain once the job is over.

So, how do you prevent these aches and strains during the summer months?

  1. Start by preparing your body before-hand by taking care of yourself with warm up exercises and proper stretching, you will thank yourself later.
  2. Always start an active day with proper meals and hydration.
  3. Minimizing stress, such as your workload and negative thoughts, this will lead to better rest and deeper sleep, allowing your body to repair itself after a long day’s activities.
  4. Regularly visit your Chiropractor. Chiropractors are educated in over 4500 hours of training and are experts in the prevention and treatment of nerve, muscle and joint problems. This is what sets Chiropractic care apart from other health 28705855_mprofessions. Chiropractors work to detect subtle changes in the body and correct them to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

These four tips will ensure a healthy inflammatory and immune response.

So, you over did it and now you’re sore. How do you fix the pain?

See your Chiropractor. Chiropractors offer scientifically proven care for many nerve, muscle, and joint injuries. We integrate myofascial release, Chiropractic Adjustments, rehabilitation exercise and cutting edge Laser therapy to get you functioning at your best.

Dozens and dozens of published controlled clinical trials in peer reviewed journals like the Archives of internal medicine, JMPT, the journal Physical Therapy to name a few, have contributed to medical guidelines recommending Chiropractic throughout the world (eg. the ISAEC project, C.O.R.E. back pain tool for physicians, T.O.P. Alberta medical guidelines etc.). Many use these resources to understand advances in the industry. A working relationship with your chiropractor can also be a valuable resource in understanding how you can manage pain and get yourself back to an optimal state of health.