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7 ways to Spring into Health safely!


It's spring, and it’s a great time for you to get moving! Maybe you didn’t get out much over the winter or perhaps you’re changing to a summer sport. Either way you don’t want to burn out or get injured. So here are 7 steps to avoiding injuries this spring!

  1. Warm up well- Take your time to warm up muscles before beginning exercise. 10 minutes of walking or light cardiovascular activity to get your blood flowing, some gentle stretches or even some sport specific exercises are essential.


  1. Take it slow- Many people want to begin running or may even be training for spring marathons. If you go from doing nothing to a full out run, or increase your volume too quickly you will likely get injured or burnt out. This can leave you in pain and exhausted. If you want to start running, begin with walking. If you're comfortable walking then begin to cycle jogging and walking; 1 minute jog then 4 minute walk for 4 cycles after your warm up. Progress to 2 then 3 minutes of jogging per cycle each week. Within a few weeks you will be jogging continuously. You can also check out the “Couch to 5km Program” or others programs online. Even if you're doing other sports or yoga, start out at half speed and progress slowly. If you don't feel you've worked hard enough you can always do more the next time, but if you push too hard and tear a muscle you won't be doing anything! Leave your pride at home!


  1. Practice makes permanent - Only perfect practice makes perfect! So use proper form and posture from the start of your activity. This is essential with golf for example. Stretch and work on the mobility you need in your hips now so you don't torque your back out later!


  1. Don't forget to stretch- Cool down after your activities with a light walk and some stretching. Gentle yoga poses or foam rolling are also a great idea to loosen up tight areas.


  1. Get a training partner- This helps keep you motivated, stay on task and help perfect your form. Join an activity club if you like or social media groups to keep you accountable for your goals. Whatever it takes to keep you healthy and active.


  1. Stay hydrated- With work and life a lot of people forget to drink enough water. It is essential for recovery, preventing muscle cramps and even headaches. Keep a bottle of water close by to sip on during the day.


  1. Get in the game without the pain! See your Chiropractor to help prevent injuries, get great advice on proper technique, and stay healthy!

Keep these tips in mind when you are heading out to enjoy the outdoors and you will feel great all summer long!