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Prevent seasonal injuries..and treat them promtly!

Summertime Soreness...Why? Everyone is in such a hurry to get out to camp, get the gardening and yard work done, and begin summer sports. This sudden change in activity level leads to new injuries and brings many people to seek Chiropractic care. You may find yourself asking “ouch, why does that hurt now?” Research tells…
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7 ways to Spring into Health safely!

It's spring, and it’s a great time for you to get moving! Maybe you didn’t get out much over the winter or perhaps you’re changing to a summer sport. Either way you don’t want to burn out or get injured. So here are 7 steps to avoiding injuries this spring! [circle_arrow_list] Warm up well- Take…
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Prevent The Winter Blues!

Prevent The Winter Blues!   Some people just seem to fall into a seasonal pattern of depression. Some can suffer severe depression, but many experience 'the blues' or what the medical community might call 'subsyndromal'. This is a great term because it means there is no syndrome! And there are steps you can take to…
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Achieving your Wellness goals in 2015

Chances are many of you have decided to undertake a New Years resolution! Congratulations! You have committed to improving an aspect of your life, and hopefully it includes your health and wellness. Sadly many people break these promises to themselves leaving them disappointed and unmotivated. Here are a few ideas to keep you on track…
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