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Dr. Chabots education includes Sports Therapy and affiliation with the College of Sports Sciences

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Whiplash Work Injury

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Family Health

Chiropractic care for the whole family

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Sports Injuries

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Our Treatments

Chiropractors are experts on the spine and nervous system. We use many hands-on and orthopedic testing techniques, computer scanning techniques, X-rays or other testing to diagnose your problems. After that we will select from the hundreds of treatment techniques within chiropractic to best treat your problem.

We employ a number of these techniques at Lockerby Chiropractic Clinic depending on your diagnosis and personal preferences. 'Diversified' is a common term used within chiropractic to explain the diverse use of techniques a practitioner may use.



Dr. Chabot is a local back pain expert!

Dr. Chabot has done extra training as an Advanced Practice Provider. He is employed by the Ministry of Health with the Rapid Access Center for Lower back pain. Learn more at the North East LHIN website or at the ISAEC programs website

The ISAEC program began as a pilot project. Now due to it's success with treating severe chronic back pain, the program has rolled out throughout the province. Patients in this program are covered through OHIP once they are referred into it. Then Dr. Chabot does a thorough assessment and creates a personalized care plan to help you better manage your low back pain. This program allows patients to be referred for advanced imaging or even surgical referrals if needed.

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    At Lockerby Chiropractic Clinic it is our mission to provide comprehensive, wellness based chiropractic care that is in the best interest of our patients. This will include the relief of our patients ailments, as well as the opportunity to restore the body to it's optimal state of health and function. This will come to benefit everyone from the athlete, to the skilled worker, to families striving to be at their healthiest.